Mining, Minting, and Farming

Whichever is used, these terms refer to the actual process of creating crypto assets or causing to be added to the existing pool of actual digital coinage. Liberty Coin Farms in its holdings will be mining Sha-256 hashes, such as bitcoin

Growth Scale

Our mining operation is capable of turnkey operations in 90 days. The cost is a direct 1 to 1. One dollar per watt of power: $1M US will build a 1MW mining operation, complete at less than $0.05 per KwH, with a net of around $10 per machine. This one-million-dollar, one-megawatt build operates with one pod filled with 300 top of the line miners.
Liberty can deploy significantly more than 100 pods concurrently in any 90 day period at this 1 to 1 funding level. Our growth plan is to deploy as many new pods as possible based on capital investments and returns.