Green Energy

Liberty is powered by Iowa’s abundant wind power, either directly on the grid at the lowest commercial bulk rates, or in other locations by building directly to multi-megawatt wind turbines. Perhaps the largest criticism of cryptocurrency mining is that the process uses and thus wastes so much electricity; most of this waste is in excess heat which is simply vented into the atmosphere perhaps affecting climate negatively.
Liberty is housed in the temperate zone of Iowa, where heat dissipation is only a factor for about 60 days of the year in July and August. In the late spring and early fall, Iowa has 150 days of modest temperatures. This makes Iowa ideal for growing the bulk of grain crops that feed the nation and the world. But, the early spring, late fall, and winters in Iowa can have significant snowfalls and temperatures below zero with wind chills into the extreme negative digits. These temperatures are excellent for overclocking our mining machines.
Overclocking produces exceedingly vast amounts of excess heat. This is captured and reclaimed by our partner company Robotanai. Robotanai is a vertical farming company that grows commercial organic foods 365 days a year. The cost of heating such a grow operation in most of the world is an expense too great to justify farming in any conditions but seasonally. Robotanai therefore builds its vertical farms on the exact same sites as our abundant power locations for Liberty. Liberty collects a modest fee for their otherwise wasted heat. Robotanai can heat 100-acre operations for pennies, far below the costs of competing operations.
Robotanai uses Vortex’s blockchain and AI, creating complete synergy between these companies.