Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining is easy. No waiting. No electric bill. No noise. No heating/cooling issues. No surprises. And never any maintenance or hidden fees!

Cloud Mining Details
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Instant Connect

No waiting. Ever. Your miner will be up and running instantly upon payment.

Instant Withdrawal

Use our secure wallet app or instantly withdraw to your own private wallet at any time.

Detailed Statistics

Secure log in app allows you to view, edit, and manage all mining related information in real-time.

Pool Allocation

Use our pool or bring your own pool plan. No extra fees. Change it any time.

Fixed Fees

Easy to predict your profit as we have no up-charges or hidden fees of any kind. Ever.

Accessible to Everyone

Born in the USA. Mining on the Silicon Prairie is safe and secure.

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Contract Mining
Contract mining is a niche target for the client who does not want to enter the bitcoin realm directly because they perceive it as too risky, but who can appreciate a short-term safe return of 20% on their money. This is a proprietary-note structure that will be asset-backed and will guarantee a rate performance minimum to our clients, mitigating their risk entirely to capitalize on the high end of the shared return directly.