From the Heartland of America on the "Silicon Prairie," Liberty Coin Farms strives to become the premier and most profitable cyrpto-mining company in North America.

Liberty Coin Farms

Liberty Coin Farms (LCF) is a bitcoin mining-farming company and is organized into successive limited liability companies (LLCs), and are given the names LCF 2, LCF 3, LCF 4, etc. The purpose of this arrangement is to limit the exposure of losses which may occur in the highly volatile space of mining.
Liberty Coin Farms is funded with private investments and secures its income and profit through its mining and crypto holdings. Vortex is limited in its liabilities and its loss exposure because it is only an investor in Liberty.
As Liberty Coin Farms produces new bitcoins through its daily mining machines, it conscientiously harnesses the megawatts of heat that are produced by its mining operation, and then sells that heat to Robotanai, LCF’s “corporate cousin” in the Vortex family of companies. This preserved heat is then used in Robotanai’s groundbreaking, 4-season, vertical farming operation. Through its partners and mining locations, Liberty Coin Farms has nearly unlimited access to hundreds of megawatts of power for the astonishingly low cost of $0.05 per kilowatt.

Mining Overview

Mining always generates value because it produces new bitcoins. It is always profitable because mining is the method by which the network is supported and maintained. Mining’s only potential for loss is if bitcoin crashes to zero. Many companies in this space are in financial trouble because they have a mine-to-sell-for-cash-flow business model. Liberty Coin Farms does not. We operate on two principles: cash reserves and investment income. Liberty does not plan to sell its coins to generate operating capital.
There are 900 bitcoins produced each day, and these 900 coins are distributed proportionally to every miner in the global network. This brings mining costs in line with coin value, because they are designed to increase in value proportional to the number of miners that support the users on the network. Mining companies that are funded by external means can afford to hold the coins that they mine and strategically wait until the market value rises to a more favorable selling price. However, companies that are not externally financed usually have no option but to sell their mined coins at whatever price the market dictates each day. Liberty Coin Farms is partially funded by external sources, so we are never at the mercy of fluctuating daily market forces. Nine-hundred new coins multiplied by a market value of $12,000 means more than $10 million created each day and a split between all mining companies. Vortex’s existing capacity accounts for two of these 900 coins each day.
Growth in mining is a simple and direct set of fixed costs for any mining company. Our business strategy of “mine and hold” versus those of the “mine and sell” makes Vortex / Liberty a more sustainable and profitable investment.
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